Help the Planet, Choose Organic!

Our crepes contain 100% organic ingredients. Now, if you happen to be asking yourself “why”, well let me introduce to you the wonderful world of organic produce.


If you care to reduce your impact on the environment, choosing organically farmed produce can significantly mitigate the worst effects of climate change, whilst aiding the important process of biodiversity. An organically farmed diet crucially helps preserve our planet's soils, capturing carbon from our atmosphere, and reducing polluting farming practices that can have a detrimental impact on wildlife. Shopping organically also ensures that there are no harmful chemicals on your food and guarantees that they are not GMOs.


The price tag that comes with opting to buy organic produce can be off putting, but it reflects the increased time, effort and expertise that goes into working with nature to produce organic food. Furthermore, it is important to remember you are ultimately investing your money into supporting precious wildlife populations long into the future.


So, what do you say? Will you choose organic for the planet?

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