When you purchase an organic product you are paying to protect your own water, air, and soil. You are paying the real environmental and human cost of producing food in this country, not an artificially low price that doesn’t include the future costs of health bills and environmental degradation from the toxic chemicals that are used.
You are paying farmers a living wage to work from sunup to sundown growing your food for you, instead of driving farmers to bankruptcy as is the case in many agricultural industries today. Finally, you are paying for more nutritious, better tasting, and healthier fruits and vegetables.
Much of the UK’s large-scale agricultural production is sold artificially cheap because of huge government subsidies – your tax pounds going into the pockets of giant agribusinesses, not farmers. Unlike on small farms, agribusiness is highly mechanized and consumes vast quantities of fossil fuels. These farms are putting toxic chemicals into your air, your water, and your soil so that they can produce cheap food now, but we all pay the price later on.
However, compared to other sources of organic produce, we offer a great value and make sure that our CSA members always receive more produce than they have paid for per week, compared to buying the same organic products in a store.

More and more studies show that not only does organic produce taste better, it is actually better for you. Why? Not just because it doesn’t have residues of toxic pesticides and herbicides, although that’s a good start.
Organic farmers don’t use petroleum-based fertilizers that act like “plant cocaine”, making vegetables grow unnaturally fast and large. Organic vegetables grow more slowly so they take up larger quantities of minerals and nutrients from the soil.

Americans spend barely 10% of their annual income on food, while Europeans spend on average 25%-30%. We are one of the most obese nations in the world. Do you see the correlation? If good healthy food isn’t worth your money, what is?

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