Village Cake Lady - Our Eco-Friendly Aim

The Path to a 100% Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Future

Step One: Compostable Packaging

Now more than ever we should be doing all we can to reduce our environmental impact. But, to simply inform ourselves and others is now no longer enough. We must stop thinking and start doing! Like the saying suggests, actions speak louder than words. That is why we are forging a path towards using 100% recyclable and renewable materials for all of our products. If we want to ensure a plentiful and habitable world for ourselves and future generations to come, we can no longer wait for someone else to clean up our mess. How much longer can that attitude continue before it’s too late? Of course, it would be much easier to cover our eyes and block out the unfortunate reality of our drained and exhausted world. ‘Out of sight out of mind’, right? But that’s precisely the mantra that all the countless people before us were convincing themselves with that has led us to the dire situation we are in now. The decision to use compostable packaging is and will never be enough, but it’s something in the right direction. The individual holds no power, it is formed in the collective. That means if more of us can switch to environmentally friendly packaging we can become the influence for good - for a more sustainable world. Will you help us get there, one step at a time?


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